GTR is a leading, independent supplier of primary and decorative aggregates for use in applications such as construction, landscaping and concrete. There are many reasons to use us to supply your North Wales and Cheshire Aggregates – from our extensive market knowledge, to our commitment to the environment. Find out more about why to use GTR below. 

Why use GTR as your North Wales and Cheshire Aggregates supplier?

  • Areas covered: We have a range of modern vehicles which serve all our customer’s requirements. These areas include North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside.
  • Environmental impact: We recognise the environmental impact our business activities may have. Using our extensive market knowledge, we source the most sustainable materials available wherever possible.
  • Types available: There are many types of aggregate out there and they come in a range of quantities. At GTR we offer Arctic, Tipper and Bulk Bag deliveries and the amount can range from 1-29 tonnes, depending on your needs.
  • Here to help: We offer full technical advice and support whenever you need it, and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

The two main types of aggregates GTR supply to the construction industry are:

Primary aggregates

Primary aggregates are minerals that are purposely extracted for use in construction. They are one of the main types of aggregates we use at GTR. The minerals are only allowed to be dug where they lie. They are usually produced from crushing hard rock formations or from naturally occurring particulate deposits such as gravel or sand.

Primary Aggregates are extracted for first-time use, unlike Secondary Aggregates which are produced as by-products like our Recycled range. At GTR, all of our Primary Aggregates are graded in accordance with European Standards to keep our carbon footprint down and provide you with high-quality materials.

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Recycled aggregates

At GTR, we work hard to meet the ever-growing demand to reduce our impact on natural resources and the environment. Our Recycled range is an excellent alternative to Primary Aggregates. These are reprocessed materials that have been used in the past for construction and are remastered to be used again, avoiding waste.

Recycled aggregates are fast becoming a favoured choice as they offer a lower carbon footprint and are less expensive. Using the circular economy model, we use construction and demolition waste to produce our high quality, recycled produce. This avoids landfill and provides sustainable working practices. All of our secondary Recycled Aggregates are made following the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) protocols.

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We supply the following North Wales and Cheshire Aggregates:

Primary Construction Aggregates:
(Limestone & Granite)

  • MOT Type 1 & 2
  • MOT Type 3 Permeable Sub-base
  • 6F5
  • Pipe Beddings
  • 6C
  • 6G Gabion Stone

Decorative Aggregates:

  • Blue & Plum Slate
  • Golden Gravel
  • Pink Gravel
  • White Limestone
  • Self-Binding Gravel
  • Topsoil

Sands & Gravels:

  • Concrete Sand
  • Grit Sand
  • Building Sand
  • Pipe Bedding Gravel
  • Sand & Gravel Ballast

Recycled Aggregate:

  • Recycled MOT Type 1
  • 6F2 (Crushed Brick Hardcore)
  • Washed Grit Sand 0/4mm
  • Washed fine Sand 0/2mm
  • Washed 20mm Pipe Bedding
  • Washed 10mm Pipe bedding

No matter the reason you are in the market for aggregates, we are on hand to help you make the best decision for your construction, renovation, and commercial needs. Contact our experienced team today!

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