Every building or construction task is different, takes a different amount of time and requires different vehicles to best match the project requirements. Here at GTR, we operate a fleet of operated and non-operated HGV’s which are available to hire. They can be hired by the day to meet the needs of different customer projects and tasks.

Types of Transport Vehicles 

Our most common types of Transport Vehicles include: 

  • Tipper Trucks – Used to carry bulk materials between locations.
  • Low Loaders Designed for carrying vehicles whose weight or size mean they can’t be driven on roads, as well as construction equipment.
  • Skip Loader – A large, heavy equipment machine which can move debris and heavy material around and between sites. It is similar to a tipper truck but can carry more load.
  • Hook LoaderUnlike conventional skip bodies, hook loaders collect and deliver the larger skips and bins (20 cubic metre plus)  from mainly industrial and large construction sites.

Transport Vehicle Hire in North Wales and Cheshire

What are Transport Vehicles?

No construction site or building project would function without the assistance of transport vehicles. Whether you are looking for a skip loader or an eight-wheeler tipper, they are integral to the smooth running of an operation.

On sites, the items that need lifting, moving and altering are enormous and require an immense amount of power to do so. Without these, the project could take a lot longer to complete, causing costly delays.

Transport vehicles can transport all kinds of equipment and machinery between construction sites and industrial spaces safely and efficiently.

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How do they work?

Transport vehicles require powerful engines and specialised lifting capabilities to conduct their jobs properly. They work by turning output into high torque and producing the vast levels of power that is needed to transport pieces of machinery or materials from one place to another. Constant innovations and design updates are always making controlling transport vehicles easier, more economical and better for the environment.

The team at GTR have a wealth of experience in safely transporting heavy-duty industrial equipment and machinery from one place to another. We are always on hand to offer advice, expertise and top-notch service, time after time, no matter the size of your next building project.

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